Inksaver, are we generic?

Last time we took a brief look at generic printer cartridges as a solution to the high cost and worry of keeping your printer stocked with toner and ink. It goes without saying that here at Inksaver, we pride ourselves on stocking the highest quality generic cartridges in South Africa and want to be part of that solution for you, so I thought it might be worth going over what Inksaver has to offer.
The printer ink and toner business can often be quite murky and at Inksaver it’s our goal to be open and transparent at all times. We’re passionate about ink and realistic enough to know that not everybody shares that passion. We don’t want to be that boring guy that corners you at a party and drones on about some obscure topic until you are forced to gnaw your way though the nearest wall or die of boredom. Instead we want to be a resource when it comes to everything ink.

When it comes to buying a cartridge, you are looking for some essential features:
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Low cost
If your experience is anything like mine then you’ve had problems with one or more of these factors when replacing your printer cartridges. It’s often difficult to know what the right thing to do is and many South Africans find themselves in the same boat. You might even hear people saying that they simply buy a new printer rather than have to go through the pain and cost of having to replace their old cartridges.

Not only is this a terrible waste in terms of the environment but it is also likely to be costly and completely unnecessary. What everyone looking for ink cartridges and toner cartridges requires is a simple way to get the right one for the right price. You could hop in the car and search the neighbourhood for the best price and most trustworthy looking sales assistant, but I think you know I’m going to say that there’s a better way.

Since 2009, Inksaver has been offering a solution to the problem of keeping your printer stocked with the highest quality generic printer cartridges for the lowest possible price backed by great customer service.  With Inksaver you can be sure that you get:

Convenience – Inksaver helps you to find the right toner cartridge or ink cartridge in a matter of minutes online and all without leaving the comfort of your desk. Delivery of any sized order will cost you less than fifty Rand and you should receive your order within one to three business days.

Quality – Inksaver’s generic cartridges have been manufactured under ISO:14001 with strict quality control standards using lab tested components which ensures a lower cost without sacrificing quality. At Inksaver we back all our cartridges with a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Compatibility – At Inksaver we go to great lengths to ensure that our cartridges are compatible with your printer. The use of generic printer cartridges will not void your warranty and in the rare event of problems occurring our customer support team will be on hand to assist and to ensure that the appropriate action will be taken to get the cartridge to work properly.

Low cost – Inksaver offers you both original and generic printer cartridges at low prices. Our generic cartridges are particularly cost effective and can save you up to 70% of the original cartridge cost.

Of course there are other people out there who will make the same kind of claims, that they can get you more for less. You hardly expected me to say that Inksaver wouldn’t be able to deliver on generic or even original cartridges did you? The only answer I can give you is that I genuinely think Inksaver is your best bet when it comes to ink and toner cartridges.

I invite you to try us and see how we stack up in terms of convenience, quality, compatibility and cost. Of course, if you think life’s too short to spend worrying about your printer and you just want to get on with things, why not make sure that you get in touch with the right people the first time?

Inksaver, we think everything ink so you don’t have to.
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