5 Eco-friendly Printing Tips For Earth Day

24-04-2014 by

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We all know that conserving our environment and preserving our planet for future generations is important. In celebration of Earth Day, which was on Tuesday, we’ve put together our top 5 tips on how to be eco-friendly with your printing.

1. Recycle

97% of the components in toner cartridges and ink cartridges can be recycled. You can also recycle the packaging the cartridge came in, as well as the paper you printed on. Most Pick n Pay and Makro stores have recycling containers where you can drop off your used printer cartridges.

2. Print only what you need

It has become too easy to just hit print and have that webpage or email you were reading in your hands almost immediately. But ask yourself, is it really necessary? Cutting down on unnecessary printing saves the environment and it also saves money. The less you print, the less often you’ll need to buy expensive ink cartridges and the more the planet will thank you.

3. Use recycled or FSC Certified paper

If you really have to print, look for recycled or FSC Certified paper. FSC Certified paper is sourced from sustainable forests. If you can find it, recycled FSC Certified paper is best. If you are going to print, print on both sides of the page (if possible). You can also use Print Preview to make sure you’re not printing any pages with only one line of text on them. Doing this will reduce the amount of paper you use.

4. Use remanufactured printer cartridges

Follow the old Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra and buy remanufactured or compatible printer cartridges. These printer cartridges reuse original cartridges that have been used once, so they reduce the need for the new plastic and metals that go into a new original printer cartridge.

5. Buy your printer cartridges online

You’d be surprised at the amount of carbon dioxide emissions a trip to the shops creates. Instead of getting in your car to go get your replacement printer cartridges, why not buy them online? Studies have shown that online shopping can significantly reduce carbon output. Inksaver has a wide range of compatible and original toner and ink available, and we deliver to your door.

For more info on recycling printer cartridges, have a look at our blog post Why Should I Recycle My Printer Cartridges?


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