5 Fun Ways to Display the Photos You Print At Home

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From your Instagram snaps to your family photos, having your memories displayed in your home is always a great idea. But sometimes, simply putting them in a frame doesn’t show them off in the most exciting way possible. We’ve found 5 fun ways to display the photos you print at home.

1. Fridge magnets

Having photos on the fridge is guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen, but holding them on with magnets is not always very reliable. Turning your photos into fridge magnets is an awesome way to make sure your memories stay where they are.

The possibilities for fridge magnet photos are endless. You can easily create affordable Save the Date magnets for an upcoming wedding or print out a few large photos, cut them up and make fridge magnet photo puzzles. You can even print out a sheet of words to create fridge poetry.

All you need is your trusty inkjet photo printer, ink cartridges and magnetic inkjet photo paper (you can find it pretty easily online). Always make sure your inkjet printer can accept magnetic photo paper by checking with the printer manufacturer.

2. Stickers

Personalise everything from your phone case to your kids’ lunch boxes with stickers made from your family photos. Simply print your photos out on to sticker photo paper and stick your personalised stickers onto any smooth surface you can think of.

Sticker paper can be a bit pricey, but you can use label sheets in place of sticker paper for a cheaper option. Canon makes specialised sticker paper for their Pixma printers, so it might be best to stick to that when making stickers with your Pixma printer and ink.

3. Square photo scrapbook

Create a mini scrapbook that is perfect for your Instagram pics, but if you’re handy with any image editing software you can edit your photos to make them square. We’ve found this fantastic idea on A Beautiful Mess, but you can customise your scrapbook to make your memories stand out.

Mini scrap book from A Beautiful Mess

Instagram scrapbook from A Beautiful Mess

If you’re not sure how you can print out your Instagram photos, check out If You Love Your Instagram Photos So Much, Why Don't You Print Them? for some ideas.

4. Photo booth photo strips

Create funky photo booth style photo strips with your trusty image editing software and your photos. You don’t need to be a Photoshop whizz to create photo booth style photos either. Most photo printers come with photo editing software and tutorials on how to get the best out of your photos and there are numerous tutorials on the web as well.

Just make sure that you have high quality photo paper to print on and that whatever you use to cut the photo strips out with is sharp as you want the edges of your photos to be neat and clean.

5. Easy photo frames

For those who can’t hang your photos on the wall, try using brightly coloured tape to stick your printed photos onto a wall to create a giant display of your memories. And since you’re not trying to hang photo frames, you won’t damage your walls.

If you want to be able to change your photos often, grab a felt bulletin board, some drawing pins and small fold-back or bulldog clips and your photos. Put a clip on a photo, slip a drawing pin through the hole on the clip and pin it to the board. You can change the photos as often as you want without having to fuss with photo frames.

Displaying your photos in a fun and exciting way is as simple as that. And remember, you can always save on your printing by buying compatible ink cartridges from Inksaver.

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