A Guide to Office Printer Etiquette

14-04-2015 by

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Offices can be hotbeds of annoying habits, from the serial borrower of stationery to that one person who never refills the coffee pot or kettle, but all of these are minor compared to those who do not follow the unwritten rules of using shared office equipment, especially printers. The true key to harmony in the office is observing proper office printer courtesy.

Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide to office printer etiquette to help you avoid an all-out office war.

If you’ve used it up, fill it up

Nothing is worse than seeing someone use the last of the paper or the ink or toner and then walk away without refilling the paper tray or replacing the printer cartridges. It’s simply common courtesy and will go a long way towards making printing in the office more harmonious.

Don’t hog the queue

If you’ve got a big document to print but one of your colleagues wants to print a smaller document, the polite thing to do is to let them go first. Making other people wait while the printer spools and then prints your report while a line forms behind you is not the best way to keep the peace.

If it’s not yours, don’t remove it

Taking someone else’s printing out of the machine as it prints and putting it somewhere else is a good way to make sure documents get lost and it’s also pretty rude. The golden rule here is if it’s not your document, don’t move it. However, if someone has left their printing in the machine for hours, feel free to move it out of the way. The best thing to do is to get a box or tray for abandoned prints and out it in there neatly.

Abuse the colour and you’ll lose the colour

If your office has a colour printer, make sure you’re not abusing your ability to print in colour, after all, printer ink and toner cartridges are expensive. Think about your printing needs carefully before choosing to print to the colour printer. If it’s not absolutely necessary to have colour, don’t use it. Stick to black and white for everyday printing and internal memos and keep colour for more important documents.

Print only what you need

To save on company printing costs (and to make the environmentally conscious ones in the office happy), keep your printing to a minimum and print only what you need. Having unnecessary pieces of paper floating around the office only clutters things up and can get in everyone’s way.

We hope these tips help make your office a harmonious and productive space. Keep the peace even further by saving 25% on your next order of printer cartridges by using the voucher code BUNNY at checkout until 30/04/2015.

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