Ad Agency Creates “World’s Most Beautiful Sustainable Font” - And It's Printer Cartridge Friendly Too

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Can printing really save you money and save the planet at the same time? After all, are you not using precious printer ink to print that page? Well, according to Ryman Stationery, the answer is of course you can, if you use our new font.

Grey London, a leading UK ad agency, and Monotype, a typography design company, created the font and then approached Ryman Stationery with the idea to distribute the font to more people. According to them, Ryman Eco uses up to 33% less ink than regular fonts due to the way the font is designed.

Coming hot on the heels of Suvir Mirchandani’s announcement to the US government that a simple switch to Garamond could save them billions (see "Change Your Font, Save Billions" Says Teen To US Government for more details), the idea of an eco-friendly and sustainable font has gotten people talking.

So what makes Ryman Eco so special and so sustainable? By using 33% less ink or toner than a standard font like Times New Roman or Garamond, switching to Ryman Eco as your default printing font could save 490 000 000 ink cartridges or toner cartridges, reduce CO2 emissions by 6 500 000 tons and save over 56 000 000 litres of oil.

All of this is to do with the way the font is designed. Each character is made up of a series of fine lines and white space. Taking advantage of how our eyes fill in the gaps and how ink bleeds on paper, the spaces between the lines seem to be almost solid. This leads to a less ink-intensive font, which means you use less ink and save money.

Monotype, the brains behind the font’s design, say that it’s not enough for Ryman Eco to be sustainable, it also needs to look beautiful and be legible. And even at smaller sizes, Ryman Eco is still readable.

Ryman Eco sustainable font examples

Whether Ryman Eco takes off in a big way remains to be seen. Grey London has stated that they intend to make it the default printing font in all its offices in 96 countries around the world. To them, Ryman Eco is not just a sustainable font, they hope it becomes the first in a broader category of similar fonts that companies can invest in and be inspired by.

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