Do You Shout At The Printer? HP Study Reveals Men Do It More Often

09-06-2014 by

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The printer. It is the bane of many an office worker’s life, kept only for the really important tasks, like that report that can’t just be emailed. And when it fails to print or do anything, the shouting begins.

In a very different survey undertaken by HP Australia and Lonergan Research, it was found that 25% of males were more likely to shout at and threaten the printer to get it to do what they wanted, while 23% of female office workers would be more likely to gently stroke the printer and give it words of encouragement to get it to print faster.

In a bid to find out how Australian workers used their printers, HP polled 1051 office workers. The survey was conducted online by Lonergan Research and revealed some other interesting titbits. Other than the male office worker’s tendency to hurl verbal abuse at printers, the study also found that an employee spends 5 minutes a day waiting for the printer to print and waits at the printer for up to 23 hours a year.

Office workers in Queensland spent the most time waiting for the printer and were the most patient with it, while office workers in New South Wales were the most likely to be affected by printer rage, with 60% of respondents saying that they had used violence against a printer.

Respondents also said that printers were often the most overlooked equipment when it came to upgrades, with 73% of people saying that they were more likely to get a new computer than a new printer.

HP released this information on the same day that it released its new range of enterprise ink printers, which it claims are a real alternative to toner printers. The HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color X 555 and HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color X 585 series of printers use a new printhead that does not move across the page, instead it spans the entire page to make printing smoother, quieter and faster.

The printers take four HP ink cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow, which will also make printing cheaper as you will only need to replace one colour when it runs out.

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