Epson Inkjet Printers Win Consumer Satisfaction Award

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Customer satisfaction research and ratings company, Canstar Blue, has released their latest office printer customer satisfaction survey. Their findings, based on surveys sent out to 855 small business owners and decision makers, showed that Epson inkjet printers stood out from the rest.

Epson beat out competitors like Xerox, Canon, HP and Brother to win the Most Satisfied Customers Award – Printers, Small Business, winning 5 stars in many areas, including reliability, value for money, features and overall satisfaction.

The other brands were not far behind, with Toshiba winning 5 stars for its printers’ compatibility with generic toner cartridges. Xerox printers achieved 5 stars for reliability and performance, while Canon printers took a top rating for features. HP printers shared their 5 star rating for value for money with Epson.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, Epson took first place, followed closely by Toshiba, Xerox and Canon, while Brother and HP only managed 3 stars each for printer satisfaction.

When it comes to office printer value for money, HP and Epson both received 5 stars. Toshiba, Brother and Canon all achieved 4 stars, while Xerox only received 3.

Two thirds of respondents were careful to factor the price of printer ink and toner cartridges into their decision on which printer to buy. Toshiba received a 3 star rating for the cost of its ink cartridges, while Epson ink cartridges, Canon ink, Xerox toner, HP ink cartridges and Brother toner and ink only received 2 stars.

Printer reliability is very important. Whether you need to print off a quick memo or update a restaurant menu, you need a printer that will work when you need it to. Both Epson and Xerox printers received a 5 star rating for their reliability, with Canon and HP getting 4. Toshiba and Brother printers only managed 3 stars in this area.

When it comes to your office printer, having one that can handle a multitude of tasks is especially important. Epson and Canon customers were the most satisfied with their printers’ versatility, awarding them 5 stars. Toshiba and Xerox printers were given 4 stars, while Brother printers got only 3.

We all know that using compatible toner and ink can be good for your wallet and good for the environment, but you need to have a printer that works well with non-OEM printer cartridges. Toshiba got top honours in this category, earning 5 stars. Xerox got 4 stars to its name in this category. Epson, Canon and Brother received 3 stars, while HP only managed 2.

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