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If you’re always on the go and can’t wait to send your documents to the wireless printer at the office, then ZUta Labs’ pocket sized printer could be just the thing for you. The Israeli based company has reached their Kickstarter goal and are planning on releasing their mini-printer for sale in 2015.

ZUta Labs’ founder, Tuvia Elbaum, says he came up with the idea while looking for portable printers for use in his everyday life. The only printers he could find were either too bulky or were too small to print on standard A4 sized paper. He also noticed that the paper had to be fed through the printers.

So how does it work?

The ZUta Labs PocketPrinter is essentially a small container that houses, the battery, the printer ink cartridge and the printhead. You place it on a piece of paper and hit print. If you’re printing multiple pages, the printer will stop at the end of a page and let you know that you have to put it at the top of a new page.

The little printer is capable of moving in any direction, thanks to the 4 small wheels attached to the base of the device. In order to print, you would have to simply slide open the hatch on the bottom that covers the ink cartridge, switch it on, place it at the top of your sheet of paper and press print. The mini printer currently uses an HP ink cartridge so finding replacement ink will be fairly easy.

The PocketPrinter measures 10 centimeters high and 11.5 centimeters in diameter. It weighs only 300 grams and will fit comofrtably into the palm of your hand. ZUta Labs have developed software for the printer that will allow it to be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth or via an app for Android and Apple devices. The prototype currently has to be plugged in in order to work. They also say that it will be compatible with all devices as there will be no need to download or install traditional printer drivers.

Currently there are a few drawbacks to the mini printer. Firstly, it prints extremely slowly, about 40 seconds per page. Secondly, it can only print in black and white and the print quality isn’t all that great. The designers have said that they will improve on the prototype design before the printer goes up for sale in 2015.

The team at ZUta Labs says that the printer is designed for small print jobs on the go, meaning that you can print memos, boarding passes or sales contracts. The printer is also not limited to paper size as there is no paper tray, so you can print on any standard size paper. Further down the line, they hope to develop a version of the Pocket Printer that will be able to print in colour as well as on different surfaces (including tile and fabric).

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