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If you’re just using your printer to run off copies of web pages or to print out documents then you really aren’t getting all you can out of it.

These days even lower-end printers are capable of producing quality images and that means you can really put your printer to work. With the modern printer there’s no need to stop at the printed page, cards, labels, even T-shirts and customised items like pens, mugs and memory sticks are all within your reach.

When printing in a private capacity you can save money on the little extras. Why buy a card from a shop, for instance, when you could create something far more personal or relevant with your printer. With Christmas just around the corner, using your printer to take the sting out of buying your cards might leave you with a bit extra in your own stocking.

They say that gifts you make show the most thought, so what about making someone a T-shirt? With a single sheet of transfer paper and an iron you will be able to turn a plain t-shirt into a personalised gift. Transfer papers should be compatible with Epson ink, HP ink, Canon ink, Brother ink and Lexmark ink printers. Of the top selling transfer papers, HP, Canon and Epson, all work with compatible ink cartridges.

If you are running your own business or need promotional materials then your printer really comes into its own as a marketing tool. Large print runs for promotional items can be a thing of the past. Just as transfer paper can be attached to fabrics, decals allow you to attach your print work to any non-porous surface. It’s worth remembering that your print cartridges don’t print white, so unless you are attaching your print to a white surface you’ll likely want to use a decal with a white background.

With the correct equipment you can put your logo on just about anything and tailor-make limited scale marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost you might once have paid. Your printer has the potential to become an in-house marketing assistant, allowing you to create limited custom print runs and to put your logo on day to day items. This can really have an impact on your bottom line, since it both eliminates waste and allows you to better focus your marketing.

With only a little creativity you could easily start an inexpensive print campaign in your local area. Clients who wear your complementary T-shirts become walking billboards, one or two colourful and strategically placed stickers or posters can draw in customers, and customised gifts create good will while at the same time spreading the word about your business.

The chances are that most people haven’t been adventurous enough to put their printer through its paces, but you only have to think about some of the possible applications for the kind of custom print jobs that I’ve been discussing to see that these days even the most basic ink printers offer you a whole world of possibilities from personalised mugs to company banners.

Why not take a moment to think about what your printer can do for you. With Inksaver’s compatible and original ink cartridges offering you the highest levels of quality and affordability, I’m betting you can find yourself something exciting to try.

Nic Venter

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Nic Venter+

 is the founder and director of He started the business in 2009 with the idea to sell ink and toner cartridges online and to provide you with a quality product, value for money and convenience. He regularly blogs on about printing and technology. Part of his philosophy is having fun and making sure that he and his team think everything ink, so you don't have to.

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