How Do I Reset The Region On My HP Printer?

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Planning on moving overseas and taking your HP printer with you? Or have you moved to South Africa from somewhere else and brought your printer with you? Word of warning, it might not work properly, or at least, the printer cartridges might not. This is all down to the fact that HP ‘locks’ the regions on their printers.

What does this mean?

Essentially, a printer that is bought in one region (like South Africa) will not accept HP printer cartridges designed for another region (like the UK). The first time you use a printer, it automatically sets itself to use only printer cartridges manufactured for a specific country or region. So, if you try to use an ink cartridge or toner cartridge that you bought in one country in a printer bought in another country, you’ll probably get one of the following error messages:

  • ‘Incompatible Cartridges’
  • ‘Cartridge Not Intended for this Printer’
  • ‘Incorrect cartridges’

Luckily, this can be fixed. All you have to do is ask HP to reset the region on your printer.

So, how do I get my printer’s region reset?

First, you’ll have to call HP Customer Support on the printer support number. Make sure that, before you call HP, you have a full set of new HP ink or toner cartridges and that your printer is on and connected to a computer.

Ask them about the steps you have to take to have your printer’s region reset. They’ll most likely tell you that you have to look for a specific set of numbers on the top of a test page.

Print the test page (HP Support will usually tell you how) and read them the numbers. They will then tell you where to go in your printer settings or menu and you will have to enter a special code they give you. This will give you another code to read to them.

When they say you can, turn your printer off for 2 minutes or so and then restart it. Your printer’s region should be reset.

Remember, that once you have reset the region, you will now only be able to buy and use printer cartridges for that specific region. Each printer can have its region reset 3 times before its region is locked for good, so try and avoid resetting your region too much.

Once your printer has been reset, why not have a look at our HP ink cartridges and toner cartirdges and take advantage of our low prices? If you have any other questions about whether or not your printer cartridges are compatible, feel free to contact us.

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