How To Clean The Corona Wire In Your Laser Printer

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Nothing is worse than streaky prints. It’s irritating and looks unprofessional, especially when you have to hand in that important report or paper. Streaky prints are the number one cause of frustrated and angry technical calls. As with all things printer related, the fix for streaky prints is relatively simple and does not involve buying a new toner cartridge. All you have to do is clean the corona wire.

This sounds easy enough, but what is a corona wire and where do you find it? To put it simply, the corona wire is a wire that holds a negative electric charge. The corona wire passes that negative charge on to the paper and allows the toner powder to stick to and then be melted on to the page. You can usually find the corona wire inside the drum unit.

Corona wires take a beating and collect a lot of dirt and excess toner (because of the electrical charge). They should, ideally, be cleaned every time toner cartridges are replaced. If the corona wire is not cleaned, faded streaks and lines will appear on your prints.

NOTE: Before you start, it is important to switch the power to your printer off and unplug it. The corona wire is electrically charged and cleaning it while your printer is still on or plugged in may result in an electric shock.

To clean the corona wire on your Brother printer:

1. Turn off the machine's power switch. Unplug the telephone line cord first (for MFC users) and disconnect all cables, and then unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet.
2. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover.

Brother toner printer - door open
3. Hold the green handle of the drum unit. Lift the drum unit up and then pull it out until it stops.
4. Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and pull it out of the drum unit. Repeat this for all the toner cartridges.
5. Push to release the latches of the white corona wire cover, and then open the cover.

Brother toner cartridge - corona wire cover
We recommended that you clean the corona wire for each of the colours. If you want to clean only the corona wire of the colour that caused the print quality problem, see the illustration below to identify the position of each of the corona wires.

Brother toner with corona wires for colour
6. Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times.
7. Close the corona wire cover. Be sure to return the tab to the home position. If you do not, printed pages may have a vertical stripe.
8. Repeat Step 5 to Step 7 to clean each of the remaining corona wires.
9. Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and slide the toner cartridge into the drum unit. Make sure that you match the toner cartridge colour to the same colour label on the drum unit, and make sure that you fold down the toner cartridge handle once the toner cartridge is in place. Repeat this for all the toner cartridges.
10. Push the drum unit in until it stops.
11. Close the front cover of the machine.
Plug the machine's power cord back into the AC power outlet first, and reconnect all cables and the telephone line cord (for MFC users). Turn on the machine's power switch

To clean the corona wire for your OKI printer:

The corona wire (or charge wire) is located in the toner cartridge. The blue cleaning tool is built into the toner cartridge and is located in the back right corner. (It is not necessary to remove the EP cartridge.) Gently slide the cleaning tool back and forth across the corona wire.

OKI toner with corona wire

To clean the corona wire for your Xerox printer:

1. Turn the power off.
2. Open the front door.

Xerox toner printer - door open
3. Pinch the handle of the corona wire to remove it.

Pinch corona wire handle to remove it from Xerox toner printer
4. Remove the cleaning tool from inside the printer.

Remove cleaning tool from Xerox toner printer
5. Insert the cleaning tool on the underside of the corona wire housing, as shown.

wipe Xerox corona wire clean
6. Wipe the corona wire with a back and forth motion.
7. Replace the cleaning tool inside the printer.
8. Replace the corona wire in the printer.

Insert corona wire into Xerox toner printer
9. Close the front door and turn the power on.

If you replace the corona wire, you will have to reset it's copy count.

For other printer brands and models, we recommend that you have a look in the user manual to find out if there is a corona wire in the drum unit and what you can do to clean it. If you do get stuck or have any problems or you are not sure if your printer has a corona wire, you can always contact us.

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