How to Keep Your Laser Printer and Toner Cartridges Working

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We all know that printer maintenance is critical to keeping your printer and printer cartridges working properly. When it comes to cleaning your laser printer, just dusting the outside is not enough. We take a look at which parts of your printer you can clean yourself and what you’ll need to get it clean.

What can I clean?

The corona wire should be cleaned every time you replace a toner cartridge. The corona wire for most Brother toner cartridges is easy to clean. Read our blog post How To Clean The Corona Wire In Your Laser Printer for detailed instructions.

The drum unit, paper feed rollers, fan vent and the transfer belt roller can also be cleaned. You should also clean the outside of your laser printer thoroughly to make sure no dust lingering on the outside undoes all your hard work.

What will I need to clean my printer?

You will need printer cleaning wipes, a soft cloth and a soft paintbrush for those hard to reach spaces. You’ll also need to lay some newspaper down to protect against toner powder spills. You can get printer cleaning wipes from most computer supplies stores.

Make sure you don’t use anything that can scratch the drum unit or other sensitive parts of your printer. Do not use anything that can move loose toner powder deeper into the printer, like a compressed air can, as this can damage some sensitive parts.

How do I clean my printer?

Before you clean any part of you laser printer it is important to switch it off and unplug it from the wall. You should also ensure that any network or phone cables connected to your printer are unplugged.

Once your printer has been switched off and unplugged, follow these steps for a cleaner, more efficient printer:

1. Open your printer and remove the toner cartridges and drum units. The toner cartridges can leak a little, but that will be easy to clean.
2. Once you have removed the proper parts use the paintbrush to clean and remove any dust or debris from inside the printer.
3. Take your printer cleaning swabs and dampen them with pure rubbing alcohol. Use the swabs to clean the drum units which may have toner smudges on them. Be careful not to scrub the drum units as this can cause scratches which will diminish print quality.
4. Clean the printer rollers, fan vents, interior walls and transfer belts with a dry, lint free cloth.
5. After everything has been cleaned, insert your toner cartridges and drum units into the printer.
6. Rub down the outside of the printer to remove any dust. Make sure to focus on the paper trays and the outside vents.
7. Switch the printer back on and run a test print to make sure everything is working correctly.

You should clean your laser printer at least twice a year, but you can clean yours more often depending on how much it is used. To make sure your printer stays clean, dust the outside at least once a week. You should also make sure that any paper you put in the printer is dust free. Make sure you store your toner cartridges in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

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