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It’s that time of year again. The ghouls are glowering, the vampires are vamping and Santa is waiting in the wings. The holidays are coming up and that means parties. Halloween isn’t exactly a mainstream South African holiday, but there are plenty of people who will celebrate it this year, you know who you are…

Given that not everybody makes a big thing out of Halloween it can be quite a mission to track down the right decorations to make your party really ‘pop’, or if we’re sticking to the gothic theme ‘skulk in the corner moodily’.

No party prizes for guessing what I’m going to suggest you do to add that extra something to your party. Have you powered up your printers yet? If not, ask yourself doesn’t your printer offer you the perfect opportunity to personalise your party decorations? Why settle for something generic and shop bought, when with a bit of imagination you can tailor-make your party’s decor. Not only that but with Inksaver ink cartridge and toner cartridge prices being what they are, you could actually save on the decorations bill.

I can already hear you saying, ‘But Nic I’m not the crafty type, a printer just gives me coloured pieces of paper, what can I do with that?” Don’t despair. You don’t have to have a degree in origami to use your printer to pep up a party.

Imagine for instance if your Halloween guests were asked to sign a creepy looking contract before being allowed to enter your haunted house (perhaps a disclaimer if you plan a particularly wild one!). If the party is for the kids, why not give them something to colour in or even print out mazes and simple games? Flat sheets of paper can serve as banners and flags and there is no shortage of images that can be plundered from the internet that will suit the theme of any event you organise.

If your party is a birthday or graduation, what about pictures from your guest of honour’s life? Your printed decorations will seem more personal and show that you’ve really thought about the person, which is something you simply can’t buy in a shop.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to printing your own decorations and for those of you who want to take it further there really is a lot of support online. Take a look at this handy resource from for just a few examples of what your printer can do for you: invitations, favour bags, boxes, napkin rings, cards and hats can all be added to the simpler elements of your party arsenal like printed banners or pictures.

You can create your own party kits with your HP ink printers and the HP creative studio. They’ll give you simple instructions on how to print out hats and even show you how to make a paper treasure chest full of swag. When it comes to getting the most fun out of your Canon ink printer, the Canon creative park is great for some print tips and inspiration. If you’re ready to go to extremes, you can even get edible Canon and Epson ink.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that Inksaver will always be ready to help you make the most of your party with our selection of original and compatible printer cartridges. Until next time, “party on” and festive printing. 

Nic Venter

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Nic Venter+

 is the founder and director of He started the business in 2009 with the idea to sell ink and toner cartridges online and to provide you with a quality product, value for money and convenience. He regularly blogs on about printing and technology. Part of his philosophy is having fun and making sure that he and his team think everything ink, so you don't have to.

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