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Have you ever wondered what your DNA looks like, the stuff that makes you, well, you? Now you can with personalised DNA artworks from Genetic Ink. Fusing science and art, Genetic Ink creates one-of-a-kind canvas prints based entirely on your unique genetic makeup. They can even print a DNA portrait for your cat or dog.

Using a specialised inkjet printing technology called giclée, Genetic Ink will take the DNA sample you send them and, after having it sequenced in a secure lab, turn it into a spectacular piece of art. You can choose from 17 different colour schemes and 4 different canvas sizes to represent the building blocks of yourself.

Due to the nature of giclée printing (which uses 8 to 12 colour ink cartridges), your printed artwork will be a vibrant, long lasting expression of yourself.

The company says that all samples are secure and that none of the information you send (genetic or otherwise) is used for anything else other than creating the canvases. All samples are destroyed after 30 days using an industry standard so that no further sequencing can take place.

The canvas sizes vary from 30 cm x 40cm prints for $200 (about R2 100) to 91cm x 121cm prints for $700 (about R7 400). Currently, the company does not ship out of the United States, but there are apparently plans being made to make DNA-based artworks available worldwide.

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