Want To Get Your Printer Ink Instantly? You Can, With HP Instant Ink

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If you’ve ever found yourself running out of printer ink at the worst possible time, you know the frustration of having to make a plan to get more. Now, HP has you covered with their Instant Ink programme.

The Instant Ink programme automatically delivers your HP ink cartridges to your door, before you run out. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and buy a printer that is compatible with the system. And the best part is that you don’t pay for the amount of printer ink you use, but rather for the number of pages you print in a month.

How does it work?

First, you’ll have to purchase an eligible printer, one that has the ability to count the amount of pages you print. After that, you simply enrol in the plan you want, based on the number of pages you print in a month. HP then sends you a special Instant Ink cartridge and you get to printing.

The billing and Instant Ink service will only start when you insert the first ink cartridge that you have been sent. The service is monthly, so there is no annual fee and you can cancel your contract at any time. HP will also send you replacement printer cartridges before you run out of ink.

What’s the benefit?

The main benefit is that you need not ever run out of printer ink again. It also works out cheaper as you’re paying per page printed and not for how much ink you use, which is great if you print out a lot of photos or print graphics heavy documents.

It also means that you’ll have to replace your cartridges less often. HP says that their Instant Ink cartridges are bigger than the ones you can buy in a shop, so you’ll only need to replace your cartridges an average of 3 times a year.

There are three packages available, starting from the Occasional Printing package for those who print about 50 pages a month, to the Frequent Printing package for those who print about 300 pages a month. If you don’t use all of your pages in a month, you can roll them over to the next month. If you run out of pages in a month, you can buy more.

Shipping, the cost of the printer ink and recycling are all factored in to the price of the package you select, so you also won’t get nasty surprises at the end of a billing period.

Currently, the Instant Ink programme is only live in the US and the UK, but HP has stated that it intends to roll it out to other countries as soon as they can.

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