What Is A Counterfeit Printer Cartridge?

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Counterfeit goods are a big business in Africa, and printer manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into preventing the sale of counterfeit toner cartridges and printer ink, as we highlighted in our post HP Holds Anti-Counterfeiting Africa Conference in Johannesburg. But what is a counterfeit printer cartridge and is a remanufactured cartridge a counterfeit? We’ve out together a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding counterfeit products in order to help you better understand the difference.

What is a counterfeit printer cartridge?

A counterfeit printer cartridge has been made, refilled or remanufactured in a way that is designed to sell it to a customer as a new, genuine branded printer cartridge. This means that a counterfeit HP toner cartridge will be made to look exactly like a genuine HP toner cartridge, including labels and packaging.

Are remanufactured or compatible printer cartridges counterfeit?

The simple answer is no. Remanufactured printer cartridges are not counterfeit printer cartridges. Remanufactured, or compatible, printer cartridges are never packaged or sold in such a way as to make the customer assume that they are buying a new branded printer cartridge. For example, Inksaver’s compatible ink cartridges and toner cartridges have our logo on the packaging and labels.

What are the dangers of counterfeit printer cartridges?

Counterfeit printer ink and toner cartridges can cause some very severe problems. Apart from the obvious print quality issues, using counterfeit printer cartridges can cause serious damage to your printer. Most counterfeiters put more time and effort into replicating the original printer manufacturer’s packaging than they do into actually making the counterfeit printer cartridge. HP states on their website that the use of counterfeit printer cartridges can void your warranty.

This is not the case with compatible printer cartridges. Using a compatible printer cartridge cannot void your printer warranty. Remanufacturing firms also put a vast amount of effort into their compatible toner cartridges and ink cartridges in order to make sure that customers can get the same quality prints as the originals. Each printer cartridge is thoroughly cleaned and tested before it is packaged and sent on to retailers like Inksaver.

What can I do if I think I’ve bought a counterfeit printer cartridge?

If you think you’ve purchased a counterfeit printer cartridge, you can report it to the printer manufacturer. Most printer manufacturers have pages on their websites dedicated to helping customers report counterfeit printer cartridges. Many manufacturers also have authentication stickers on the printer cartridge packaging. For example both HP toner cartridges and Canon toner cartridges have QR codes on the box that will take you to the toner cartridge authentication pages on their websites.

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