What is a High Yield Printer Cartridge?

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When you’re shopping for ink cartridges or toner cartridges for your printer, you may find yourself faced with choosing between standard and high yield. But what is a high yield printer cartridge and is it actually better to buy than the standard yield cartridge?

There are a few basic differences between high yield and standard yield printer cartridges. Very often, there are no visible differences as the cartridges look like they’re the same size, especially when it comes to ink cartridges. Open the ink cartridge up, though, and you will find that the sponge inside is bigger and filled with more ink. High yield toner cartridges can sometimes be bigger in size than the standard yield cartridge.

The main difference is in the amount of printer ink or toner powder inside the cartridges. Most high yield ink cartridges contain up to 15ml of ink, while the standard yield only has 5ml and most high yield toner cartridges contain just over 200 grams of toner powder while standard yield toner cartridges contain just over 100 grams of toner powder.

Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged by the higher price of high yield printer cartridges though, you will get more printed pages for the price you pay.

You can see this difference when you compare two seemingly similar cartridges. Let’s look at toner cartridges first. The HP 05A toner cartridge and HP 05X toner cartridge may seem like the same thing, but the 05A (the standard yield) prints 2300 pages (at 27.8 cents per page) while the 05X (the high yield) can print 6500 pages (at 18.2 cents per page). To find out how we calculate cost per page, read our blog post on The Office Printer Wars: Ink versus Toner Printer.

With ink, the page yield difference is also quite high. Compare the HP 131 black ink cartridge and the HP 132 black ink cartridge. The high yield HP 131 prints 450 pages while the standard yield HP 132 prints 210 pages.

But should you buy a high yield printer cartridge? It all really depends on your printing habits. Here is a quick rule-of-thumb when purchasing your printing supplies. If you are buying more than 2 ink cartridges (of the same colour) in 6 months or in the case of toner cartridges if you are buying more than 2 in 2 years you will definitely save money by buying high yield cartridges for your printer. On top of this saving you can also visit Inksaver where you can save even more money by purchasing our compatible high yield ink cartridges or toner cartridges.

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