What the Letters at the End of Printer Model Numbers Mean

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We’ve all been there, you’ve just bought a new printer and you know that at one point you’ll have to buy new printer cartridges for it and to make sure they’re the right ones, you have to know your printer’s model number. But how are you supposed to make sense of the jumble of letters and numbers? It looks like a Scrabble game gone horrible wrong.

Never fear, our technical team has put together a guide to what exactly those letters mean.

B: Battery

This means your printer can be powered by a battery, making it portable. It's fairly rare to find this on a printer.

BT: Bluetooth

This tells you that you can connect your device to the printer via bluetooth and print from there.

C: Colour

Your printer can print in colour. We're not sure why printer manufacturers include this, because you'll hardly ever find a monochrome printer with the same model number.

D: Duplex

Your printer can print on both sides of the page automatically.

F: Fax

Usually found on multifunction printers, this lets you know that your printer can fax as well as print.

H: Hard disk

Printers with hard disks often have a whole range of features that the average printer user may not need. This includes being able to load user profiles, schedule printer tasks or save faxes if your ink or toner is low or has run out.

i: Imaging

This indicates that your printer has a memory card slot for plug and print functions. It's often available on printers that don't use this letter, so check your user manual.

MFP: Multifunction printer

Indicates that your printer can print as well as either scan, copy or fax or a combination of all of them. These features will usually be listed in the user manual as well as on the box, so keep an eye out for them.

N: Network

An N usually means that your printer has some form of network functionality, either an ethernet port or WiFi connectivity. If it's combined with a W (for example, nw) it may not have a physical network port and may be compatible with a wireless network only.

S: Stacker or Stapler

Annoyingly meaning two things, this shows that your printer either has a built in stacker (a section of paper will be stacked for high volume printing) or a stapler.

SK: Stacker and Stapler

This means you're getting both a stacker and a stapler. This is usually only found in really high volume printers that are used in offices.

T: Extra tray

Your printer has an extra paper tray included. Usually used in printers that can handle multiple paper sizes, like A3 printers, or office printers that go through a lot of paper. These paper trays can usually handle up to a ream of extra paper.

W: Wireless

This is pretty easy to figure out. It shows that your printer has wireless capability and can connect to your network without needing any extra cables. 

X: Duplex, extra tray and network

This used to be dtn, but printer manufacturers thought this might be too confusing and have changed it to X. The X can also mean a whole host of extra features, so it's best to check the user manual if you encounter an X in your printer model number.

When combined together, these letters usually indicate what your printer is capable of and what features it boasts. If you're ever in any doubt as to what your printer can do, you can always consult your printer manual or contact us and our friendly staff will be able to help you.

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