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The History of Printing Part 1 - Woodblock Printing

06-05-2016 |

Printing has been around for many years and has formed an integral part of the way in which people communicate with each other, spread news and tell stories. In our 5 part series on the history of printing, we’ll explore how we got from woodcuts and woodblock printing to modern laser and inkjet printers. In part 1 we take a look at woodblock printing in Asia and Europe.

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Woodcut print block
History of Printing Part 2 – The Printing Press, Moveable Type & Engraving

06-05-2016 |

Printing has played a major role in advancing the way people communicate with and describe their world and nothing has had more of an influence than the printing press, moveable type and engraving. In part 2 of our history of printing, we take a look at how the introduction of the printing press and moveable type in Europe changed the world.

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Moveable type printing
History of Printing Part 3 – Lithography

06-05-2016 |

Last week we had a look at how the printing press changed the nature of communication forever and how it was the biggest innovation in printing. However, the next big invention in printing would not happen for another 300 years. In part 3 of our history of printing, we take a look at lithography and its offshoots, chromolithography and offset lithography, and how they made the reproduction of images practical and worthwhile.

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Lithographic printing press
History of Printing Part 4 – Photocopying & Laser Printers

06-05-2016 |

In part 4 of our history of printing we take a look at the invention of photocopying and laser printers.

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Laser printer with toner cartridge
Printer Cartridge Price Increase 2016

10-02-2016 |

Due to the ongoing fluctuations in the Rand/Dollar exchange rate we have had to increase the prices of both our original printer cartridges as well as our compatible printer cartridges.

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Printer cartridge price increase
We're Back - Welcome to 2016

12-01-2016 |

The new year has begun and we're back from our break, refreshed and ready to think everything ink so you don't have to. 

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We're open
An Update On Our Closing Dates

30-11-2015 |

Well be closing for a short while over the holiday season to give our staff a well-deserved break. We're giving you an update on our closing dates to make sure you can get your printer cartridges before we close.

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Holiday closing dates
The Case For Using Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

18-11-2015 |

A technology website has confirmed something we have always held as true: that remanufactured printer cartridges are just as good as the originals.

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Recycling symbol
Why you can’t print in black and white when your yellow ink runs out

09-10-2015 |

We all know the frustration of trying to print in black and white but your printer won't let you because you're out of yellow. While this may seem like your printer is trying to make printing difficult, there is a reason for this. Our technical team takes a look at why you can't print when your yellow ink is low. 

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Yellow ink empty
3 Fun Printables to Celebrate the Rugby World Cup

18-09-2015 |

The Rugby World Cup is almost on our doorstep and to celebrate and show our support for our boys in green and gold, we’ve found 3 fun printables to help your track your team’s progress or to liven up your game watching area.

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Rugby World Cup 2015 ball
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